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CAT counseling and selection process

After the exam and the result is announced, the next process is counseling which follows selection process

To be chosen for admission, applicants must also do well in the admissions stages. Applicants will be chosen for admission based on their overall composite scores. The applicant’s academic record will also be taken into account.

Different IIMs will have different selection criteria, and each IIM will have a different admissions strategy. Candidates can go to the official website of the relevant IIM for further information on the admission requirements. The majority of IIMs have published their entrance requirements on their websites. The admission standards have also been made public by non-IIMs. Candidates who are interested in enrolling in B-schools other than the IIMs can review the admission requirements on their website.

Process of CAT Selection for MBA Admission 2023–25

The IIMs will compile a shortlist of applicants based on CAT and the selection procedure that they have individually described on their website.The CAT selection process consists of group discussions (GD), written ability tests (WAT), and personal interviews (PI). In the current context of COVID-19. Some organizations just conduct online interviews with shortlisted candidates.

IIM Shortlist and CAT Results, Round 1

The organization in charge of the exam must first make the CAT results public. IIM Bangalore, which conducted the CAT exam, announced the results on December 21.
As a result, IIMs will start publishing dates for shortlists and subsequently commence the shortlisting process. IIMs will publish their own CAT cutoffs for various categories. The list of candidates who have been shortlisted for the next round of selection will be made accessible on the relevant IIMs websites. All selected candidates will receive interview letters directly from IIMs.

What paperwork must be brought to the WAT, GD, and PI times?

Verifying degree certificates and grade reports:
During the IIM selection process, which entails a personal interview, candidates must present original and attested copies of their credentials. The original degree mark sheets for every semester must be presented, together with attested copies, at the time of joining, if chosen.

  • IIM interview invitation
  • CAT 2022 grade sheet
  • Mark sheet and diploma for class 10
  • Certificate and mark sheet for Class 12
  • The transcript and diploma of graduation
  • reservations type evidence of certification (if applicable)
  • Work history certification (if any)

Reserved category

During the in-person interview, candidates must provide both an authenticated copy and the original ST/ SC/ NC-OBC/ DA certificates. If chosen, the reservation category’s original certificates and certified copies must be presented when joining.

Undergraduates in their last year
The chosen applicants will be required to produce both the original and an attested copy of the certificate from the Registrar, Principal, or Director of the institute or university stating that the student received 50% marks (45% for the reserved category).

Until the original mark sheet and the qualifying undergraduate degree are provided before December 31, 2023, their admission will be provisional. A candidate’s admission will be automatically revoked if the necessary paperwork is not submitted on time or at all.

CAT Admission Procedure for New IIMs under the Common Admission Process (CAP)
A similar counseling procedure known as the Common Admission Process will be conducted at the newer IIMs, including those in Ranchi, Trichy, Raipur,Udaipur, and Kashipur, among others (CAP). There will be a shortlist of candidates, and they will all need to show up for the rounds of the common written ability exam and personal interviews. Based on a unique merit list, each of these IIMs will disclose a candidate’s performance.

Let’s examine each phase of the selecting process in further depth.

Candidate selection comes first

Step two: WAT/GD-PI

Candidates who advance to the next level will be required to take a written ability test, after which either an individual interview or a group discussion will be held. This is an extremely important phase since the applicants must demonstrate their competence to the panel of selectors. The outcome of this round directly impacts the candidate’s admission. During interviews, candidates are questioned about their prior job and professional experience.

Shortlisting comes in third.

Each phase in the selection process is given a particular amount of weight by the panel of selectors. The candidate’s overall score throughout all of these rounds will determine the ultimate outcome. This indicates that a number of factors that go into evaluating a person are taken into account in the panel’s conclusion.

The Written Ability Test (WAT) is an essay-writing test for which a student is given a topic and between 15 and 30 minutes to complete the essay. The primary goal of this test is to evaluate the candidate’s mental processes and environmental awareness, hence themes will be connected to current affairs or recent occurrences.

Group Conversation (GD)

In groups of eight to ten pupils, a group discussion is held. This round’s format is for one group to be given a topic, after which each student presents their opinions about it. This aids in determining if a candidate can effectively express his ideas and persuade others. The way a candidate conducts themselves in front of a group of people, such as whether or not they speak before someone else has finished speaking or raise their hand to speak, are some additional attributes that a selection will be on the lookout for.

Personal Consultation (PI)

Out of all the selection rounds, this one is given the most consideration. Each candidate would be evaluated by two to four interviewers. Here is where a student should concentrate on making an impression on the selection committee. Despite the qualities demonstrated in other rounds, this round may change the selectors’ minds. For this reason, speaking your thoughts with confidence is essential for a successful PI. Students should dress professionally since how they look will reflect on them. Confidence, good looks, presenting skills, leadership abilities, teamwork, and the ability to persuade committee members are all crucial. The weight of this stage alone is between 30 and 40 percent.

Other business schools use the same criteria for selection, hence this admissions method is not exclusive to IIMs. Candidates who successfully complete all stages of the screening process will get an “offer of admission” from the university on their registered email address. The next step is for the candidate to complete the accepted offer with the appropriate information and submit it within the designated time limit, along with the acceptance fee. All admissions procedures are finished by April or May in all management institutes. Students will have to pay the first installment of tuition to secure their place in the institute after confirmation and fulfillment of acceptance-related processes.

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