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Last-minute Planning Techniques Avoid learning new subjects. Never at any point throughout your final CAT preparations should you touch on a subject that is unfamiliar to you. In these vital times, learning a whole subject can only cause confusion. The biggest drawback of choosing a new topic is that it will lower the level of comprehension and make it more challenging to

After the exam and the result is announced, the next process is counseling which follows selection process To be chosen for admission, applicants must also do well in the admissions stages. Applicants will be chosen for admission based on their overall composite scores. The applicant's academic record will also be taken into account. Different IIMs will have different selection criteria, and each

Every element of our life has altered as a result of technology. We shop online for the newest things rather than visiting stores. Everything we consume—including the food, clothing, and cabs—is available online. Many students still visit CAT coaching centers to prepare for the exam in the hopes that doing well will help them receive the coveted IIM call. If you

The Common Admission Examination, often known as the CAT, is an online admissions test for graduate management schools in India that assesses a candidate's verbal, logical thinking, mathematical, and reading comprehension skills. The finest CAT coaching school must be chosen by applicants in order to pass the CAT test, but it might be difficult to know where to go for

How to prepare for the CAT The best MBA schools and the IIMs will admit students who fulfill the CAT eligibility standards and begin CAT preparation early. According to experts and high scorers, the most important factor in passing the test is the quantity of focused study time invested throughout the preparation phase. It's crucial to go through the curriculum again

Candidates can finish up ruining their whole CAT preparation in the midst of chaos and disturbance. Just hours before the exam, anxiety sets in, and this is why many candidates score poorly on the CAT exam. Therefore, it is crucial for students who plan to take the CAT exam to be aware of several critical elements before sitting for the

While CAT is an admission exam for postgraduate study, IPMAT is an undergraduate test given for a five-year integrated programme. The ongoing competition between IPMAT and CAT is for admission to various management programmes. IIM Indore organizes the Integrated Program in Management, often known as IPMAT. In contrast, the IIM administers the Common Admission Test, often known as the CAT, for

To aid applicants in their preparation, the IIM offers an official CAT mock test. Take the CAT sample exams if you want to get a good idea of the question format and scoring system. It closely resembles the format of the actual test. A CAT mock test, to put it simply, is a practice exam that applicants can take before

The CAT exam does not use the concepts of passing or failing. You will either receive a high percentile, which will allow you to quickly receive a call from IIM or one of your top universities, or a low percentile, This will stop you from getting a call for the following admissions phase. Therefore, in theory, no student who is

MBA candidates frequently have strong opinions about how they will do their classroom business management studies. With a greater understanding of the facts, more focus, and competent guidance guiding them through the harsh waters of CAT, it helps to support their case to success. There are several concerns over how this online exam will be administered, and your classroom setup might