What are the benefits and drawbacks of moving CLAT’s year up?

One of the most significant admission examinations you will ever take is CLAT. Every legal student would be aware of the exam and would need to prepare if they wanted to have a prosperous future. This is one of those crucial instances that would provide you a fantastic opportunity to reserve your spot in any of the top 24 NLUs in the country. This is the reason you need to make sure you are scoring well in order to enroll in India’s top NLU and guarantee a solid and prosperous career.

On the other hand, not everyone is able to enroll in the best NLU on their first try. This is the rationale for the decision by many students to skip a year of school in order to devote more time to studying for the annual CLAT exam. However, being a newbie frequently raises the topic of rhythm: Is it a wise decision to give up a year of their lives to study for the exam?

You will have two options, just as with every other decision you make in life. You need to consider the likely outcome of your choice. There is no set solution because it depends on subjectivity and practicality. Sometimes the outcome might be in your favor, but other times, you could not be so lucky. However, if you want to succeed on your first try, you should unquestionably enroll in the CLAT online coaching programmes.

However, we’ll look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages that can help you make a wise choice in this article. Making an informed decision has no downside, thus we have provided you with full information of all the advantages and drawbacks you have here. Therefore, let’s have a look at a few of them.


You must understand that if you dedicate a full year to studying for the CLAT exam, you will have enough time to finish the course material. You will have several opportunities to review so that you can be sure to cover all the bases necessary to ace the test. You may enroll in CLAT online coaching courses when you have enough time to study, as well as take the mock exam and practice it several times to gauge your degree of readiness.

The majority of students who are enrolled in the leading NLUs in the country have dropped one year of study before taking the exam, according to data. Therefore, the decision you are making for yourself is not new or wrong. Instead, this is the most effective strategy to raise your chances of being accepted into the top institution and securing a fantastic job.

You will have enough time to study for the exam in its entirety if you give yourself a year. The exam’s components are all crucial. As a result, having a year to prepare can help you study more effectively and guarantee a positive learning experience. You become more confident in it as you continue to revise.

Although losing a full year is undoubtedly stressful, the time you have to study for the exam is more than enough. This will allow you to study more thoroughly, enroll in certificate programmes that will enhance your résumé, and appear for the test well-prepared. Keep in mind that your preparation will benefit greatly from the CLAT online coaching programmes.


Many students continue to have the false belief that a full year is not necessary, which is unquestionably untrue. It is sufficient to study for the test if you are given a suitable amount of time, such as six months. So it is just a waste of time if you have six months left and yet want another year.

You should give your decision to take a year for preparation some thought. To have a great profession in life, you may also invest in improved internships, negotiating skills, and legal study. You may find this to be a wise choice.

There are instances where students fail to pass CLAT and are denied a spot in their top colleges. You need to be sure that you are moving in the proper direction for your life since there is so much competition.

Other crucial considerations include the fact that the difficulty levels of the papers are greatly influenced by the CLAT rank, not the CLAT score. Thus, you must determine whether you still need to progress or have hit your top.

Most NLUs would cost you between 10 and 12 lakhs in tuition over the course of five years. So, you must decide to take a year to prepare and know in advance that you can pay the required sum.

Many professionals would agree that getting accepted into law school is not the end of the process. Twenty to twenty-five years of experience are required if you want to have a successful career like one of your role models.

Conclusion: Before deciding to skip a year, students are strongly encouraged to grasp the risk factor. It is advised against skipping for those with family and financial concerns, but if you are confident you can, you may certainly take a chance. Start getting ready for the CLAT with the online coaching programmes, and take advantage of a wonderful job.

Instead of using your CLAT score to gauge your potential, use your CLAT rank. The CLAT exam’s rank distribution takes the paper’s complexity into account. You must determine if you have performed at the top of your abilities or whether there is still an opportunity for you to do better on the test.

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