Common Mistakes

5 Common Mistakes to avoid in GRE

Here are the common mistakes in GRE.

1. Not attempting and analyzing Mocks enough:

Mocks help you understand your preparation levels and analyze your mistakes. In addition, attempting several mocks makes you familiar with the exam pattern and gives you the confidence to face the actual GRE. On the other hand, not attempting enough mocks might put you in trouble of gaining low scores. One more point in this is the quality of the tests, there are plenty of mock tests available in the market, but only a few can be worth it. Careersgyan offers unique GRE Mock tests that are a replica of the GRE and are prepared by an expert GRE Team.

2. Not starting preparation Early:

Unlike many other exams, the GRE is conducted throughout the year. Therefore, every student needs to book the GRE test in advance and prepare for the test. Booking the test sets a time limit for your preparation and helps plan it properly. GRE syllabus needs dedicated preparation, which needs more than one month. It is really important to book for the test in advance which is not too far from your preparation time.

3. Focusing on one section only:

GRE is a standardized test that analyses the students’ ability in various areas like Verbal, Quant, Logical abilities etc. Less focus on one section might make your scores lower. Therefore, students must focus on every section equally and dedicate their preparation time. First, do a SWOT analysis of the complete GRE syllabus and then understand which sections need more time and dedication without neglecting the rest of the sections. GRE test doesn’t have any negative marking so it’s really beneficial to focus on all the sections and attempt the questions even if they seem to be difficult.

4. Not paying attention to the question:

It is vital to concentrate on the Questions in any exam. One can answer only if they read the question correctly and understand. Unfortunately, most students commit mistakes by not paying enough attention to the questions, while others panic a lot while reading the question, which leads to wrong answers.

5. Not keeping an eye on the time:

Time management is the crucial factor that aids for success in any examination. Even with perfect preparation, one can not attain a good score if one fail to manage time properly. Therefore, this time management is necessary both for GRE Preparation and attempting GRE. Only with perfect Time management students can aim for excellent scores.

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