10 Tips for best GRE Scores

10 Tips for best GRE Scores

10 Tips for best GRE Scores

GRE is a test of a standardized format, which means that it follows the same pattern and makes that mandatory for getting admission to many universities worldwide. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching established the test in 1936, but it is currently owned and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Since the test is compulsory for more than 1000 schools & universities in over 160 countries, around 17,00,000 people attempt GRE general / Subject exam every year for their admission purposes. GRE test analyzes the test taker’s skills and abilities in various areas like Verbal reasoning, Analytical Writing Ability (AWA), Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning. GRE test is challenging and demanding, but with good tips and the proper preparation, one can get a good score.

1. Know the test pattern:

Get to know the test pattern clearly to score better. Knowledge of test patterns helps you understand which section has more weightage and needs more focus. It helps you plan your preparation schedule and manage your time accordingly. The GRE test pattern usually stays the same. However, the way students’ knowledge is tested keeps changing.

2. Diagnostic tests help a lot:

Undergoing diagnosis can help you analyze whether you can attempt the test or not. In addition, it helps students know where they need to focus in preparation. However, not all students attempt the diagnostic tests. Most students think Diagnostic tests discourage them and do not take them. Therefore, the Scores of the diagnostic tests reflect your current knowledge and not the final exam score.

3. Start practice test early:

Early practice helps you achieve your target quickly. In addition, early practice helps you analyze the opportunities and time. It allows you to prepare over a more extended period. Rigorous and consistent practice helps you attain your goal. It helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses in the subjects. The study schedules and preparation can be planned based on the strengths and weaknesses. Students can focus more on their weaknesses to get more scores. Start your preparation the moment.

4. Strategic planning is needed:

GRE is a standardized test that is the same for everyone, making it tough to score high without proper planning. Moreover, it helps you create or adopt strategies to score efficiently. Therefore, strategic planning is essential and compulsory for gaining good scores in GRE. This planning includes time management, setting a target score and taking a GRE preparation course.

5. Get authentic and good material:

Excellent and authentic study material plays a vital role in GRE preparation, especially when aiming for high scores. Good study material from an authentic source like ETS Study material, Mangoosh, etc. When choosing a particular study material, stick to it, which helps you with your study plan. If you start moving from one book to another frequently, your preparation will be hindered.

6. Maintain a log for errors:

GRE test challenges your knowledge and ability to answer critical questions. So it is essential to practice more and record the errors that occur in the practice tests. Maintaining the log/record for noting the errors will help you analyze your performance. An Excel file or Google Sheet would do the best for this job. Inspect all the wrong answers and learn from them.

7. Confidence is the key:

Confidence is the key for any examination, and the GRE test needs it the most. Being anxious will get you nowhere. However, good preparation, knowledge of the test structure, and practising all the Official Guide questions and tests will help you build confidence. So relax and think that Retaking test is always an option.

8. Time Management:

Time management is necessary for any competitive exam preparation. Therefore, GRE preparation requires a detailed Time plan with clearly defined timelines for every section. Even in GRE test attempts also, efficient time management is necessary. Practice tests / Mocks will help you in Time Management. Every student must be aware of the 2-minute rule (do not spend more than 2 minutes on any question) to be followed.

9. GRE- a Puzzle:

Attempting GRE is just like solving a puzzle. However, with proper training and strategies, it is easy to solve. Although it is a competitive test, it will be of no use compared with other test-takers. However, the use of scratch paper will help you with quant questions. When doing mocks, practice the questions along with explanations. Practice all the advanced questions and do the timed mocks.

10. The Test day:

It is important to stay calm and relaxed on the test day. Eat healthy food and enough sleep to avoid discomfort on the test day. Do not rush yourself and answer one question at a time. Avoid discussing anything that distracts your attention before the test. For the Quant section, use the calculator effectively. Do not rush to finish the test. Take time to verify and proofread your answers.

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